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By the differentiated offering and comprehensive services, you can find a various drug dosage form with the potential production facilities and expertise personnel.

OLIC provides contract manufacturing services
for pharmaceutical, healthcare, confectionary and supplement industries
in extensive range of dosage form. Which a full package of one stop service,
starting from dispensing until packing of finished goods.

It strictly follows international GMP standards. All manufacturing and packing operations are performed on qualified equipment and are properly documented on batch records. In addition, extensive in-process control during manufacturing and packing is executed.

In separate buildings, non-pharmaceutical products (for example, confectionary and nutrition products) are manufactured and packed.

One critical step in the product technical transfer is the product development activity conducted by a team dedicated for this type of work. Such activity enables OLIC to support development of new, amendment or improvements of the existing formulations, analytical method development as well as analytical method validation and stability studies.

Quality Compliance

We stand by our products, which are manufactured to the highest international quality standards.

Our laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025.

Supporting our process equipment are qualified services including a USP/BP water system, pure steam generator, autoclave and depyrogenation oven.

We shall therefore:

  • Regular audits by multi-national partners and internal audit programs
  • over 100 members in Quality Team.
  • GMP training and examination of all new employees with annual GMP retraining

Value Added Services include:

Process Validation

Analytical method development and Validation

Cleaning Validations

Transport Validation

Chemical and Microbial Testing

Counterfeit Product Testing

ICH stability study programs

Freeze Thaw testing

Container closure integrity

IQ/OQ/PQ/PV and utility qualifications

Safety, health and environment

Waste water Treatment Plant, solid waste collection, safety personnel, on-site doctor, and medical professional are among the elements of EHS programs conducted on site.

1. International Certification
ISO 45001:2018 certified by SGS
ISO 14001:2015 certified by SGS

2. ​Personal
License and Qualified safety personal on site
Qualified environmental management team on site

3. Waste Water Treatment
Pre-treatment prior to release the waste water to Bangpa-in Industrial Estate Waste Water Treatment plant.
Waste Water quality is complied with IEAT-Bangpa-in Industrial Estate.
Activated Sludge Process
Treatment Capacity 100 m3/day

4. Solid Waste Disposal
Incineration at Governmental approved vendor
Thermal inactivation



we keep developing more than product and technology, we care for people and society.