Track and Trace Technology
This technology ensures legal compliance, eliminates counterfeit pharmaceuticals, defends market position, and provides brand and consumer protection.

OLIC offers the latest Track and Trace Technology, including GS1 coding, serialization and aggregation, to align with regulatory requirements in markets specific to our clients. Track and Trace Technology helps track the journey of products from source to destination within the supply chain, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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GS1 coding generates a product identification number that makes it easier for products to be tracked, processed and stored.

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Serialization involves assigning and printing a unique code onto the packaging of each drug. The unique code is defined within the regulations of different countries.


Aggregation defines the relationship from pallet to case, right down to each individual pack of product. By scanning the code on the packaging, we can identify what is inside a case or pallet without opening it.


We have experience supplying products with GS1 coding to Japan, and supplying products with serialization and aggregation to Korea and Russia.

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