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April 1965


Toyama City, Japan

Marketing Branches:

7 branches across Japan

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Toyama R&D Center

• R&D (Research Div.)

• Toyama Factory

Tokyo Head Office

• Business Development Dep.

• Management Affairs Dep.

• Sales & Marketing Dep.

• R&D (Development Div.)

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Scope of Business

Fuji Pharma is a renowned Japanese pharmaceutical firm. The company invests in the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products, such as injection agents, drugs for internal and external use, and diagnostic products.



People seeking good health and are involved in medical services and pharmaceuticals


Products and Services

Medical care for women, in vitro diagnostics, acute medical care products and curative medicine (injection agents), and information regarding pharmaceuticals and health


Core Competencies

Research and development, manufacturing, and marketing in selected disease domains. Passionate about the quality of products, people, and management. Hard-working employees and partners.

Representative Directors
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Chairman and Representative Director

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President & CEO

Fuji Pharma will continue to promote its employees' growth by further contributing to healthy living by supplying outstanding pharmaceuticals. Fuji Pharma's mission is to continue contributing to the happiness of people around the world by developing a virtuous cycle in which each and every one of its employees creates high-quality work capitalized on the growth opportunities. Through the accumulation of high-quality work, Fuji Pharma will grow as a company, and its corporate growth is passed on to everyone around the world.Fuji Pharma has placed the highest priority on contributing to the lives of people around the world under the Management Philosophy since its establishment as a limited liability company in 1959. The philosophy consists of "We help people lead healthy lives by offering excellent pharmaceuticals." and "Our corporate growth is proportional to our personal growth.". Fuji Pharma believes that its philosophy contributes to valuing pride in being involved in people's lives, joy and happiness in serving people, and gratitude for people. By creating new value together with patients, doctors, medical staff, and all others, Fuji Pharma has increased the value of its existence and grew to acquire the confidence of number of stakeholders.


To date, Fuji Pharma has built a broad portfolio that combines new and existing drugs, with a focus on women's and acute care, and have flexibly responded to diversifying and evolving medical needs, for example, through highly challenging development of biosimilars.


Fuji Pharma will continue contributing to the healthy lives of people around the world, taking on challenges, and achieving what only Fuji Pharma can do, and aim to become the "Fuji Pharma Group" to earn even more trust and endorsement from people.


Hirofumi Imai
Chairman and Representative Director


Takayuki Iwai
President & CEO

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