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Managing Director (Board of Directors)

OLIC is the largest provider of contract manufacturing services in Southeast Asia for pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care products. We have been a preferred partner for over 30 world-leading pharmaceutical companies and have manufactured over 600 different products. Through the network of distribution channels of our clients, our products are marketed in over 30 countries in the world. 


OLIC was founded in 1984 and became a member of the Fuji Pharma Group, a Tokyo-based Japanese pharmaceutical company in 2012. Since then, we have been further strengthening our manufacturing technology and made great strides to improve product quality.


We call our business style CDIMO, or Contract Development and Innovation Manufacturing Organization. In addition to the CMO business, we provide development and innovative services such as reformulation, new packaging technologies and cost reduction initiatives to our clients.


We are proud of our history of reliability and ensuring impeccable quality standards for our products. We are pleased to guarantee our contributions to people’s health by moving and growing together with our clients, our society, our employees and all stakeholders.


Recently, we have developed a long-term vision for OLIC and decided to expand the scope of our business in the APAC region. We have redefined OLIC and would like to emphasize our aspiration in becoming a pharmaceutical company, by marketing our own products, with a solid CDIMO business. We will pursue a unique hybrid business model in the pharmaceutical industry. We are very pleased to ensure that we will further contribute to healthier lives of the people by providing manufacturing services and our own pharmaceutical products. 

" “Over the years, we are pleased to have established good partnerships with our clients with TRUST by providing products with high quality and reliability.” "

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Quality and Compliance Director (Board of Directors)

“State-of-the-Art Pharmaceutical Quality Systems”


A pharmaceutical quality system makes good business sense by reducing risk, as confirmed by firms that have embarked on this implementation journey.


A Quality Culture does not happen overnight. To achieve success, we strive to move forward to a better state by reducing risks, improving regulatory relationships and creating higher quality pharmaceuticals that protect and improve human health. We also aim to achieve and exceed the expectation of customers and principals. By adhering to quality systems that encompass every activity, every employee engages themselves to ensure consistency in delivering the best quality products and services.


" “Everyone shall keep “QUALITY” in mind, in every process, everywhere and every time.” "

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Operations Director

We are committed to operating with integrity, creating a company culture to be more productive and innovative to produce valuable products and services for our clients, and achieving long-term sustainable growth.

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Business Development and Licensing Director

We will initiate the pharmaceutical business in the APAC region. Our products will be focused on women’s healthcare in alignment with the knowledge and expertise of Fuji Pharma.


We are exploring business opportunities, including acquiring off-patent products, branded pharmaceutical products and new drugs in a wide range of therapeutic areas. We are confident that we will build good business relationships with our partners based on trust. We look forward to collaborative approaches from academia, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies.


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