Logistics & Supply Chain
Offer sophisticated logistics & supply chain solutions to secure stable and reliable production and distribution processes.

Our logistics & supply chain services include the sourcing and procurement of raw materials and packaging materials, planning and scheduling for receiving these materials. We also facilitate the shipment of finished products, inventory management, and delivery of finished goods to both local and international markets.


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Since January 2003, SAP has been implemented as our fully-integrated information system. The SAP system provides consolidated real-time information, augmenting work productivity and efficiency.

Sourcing & Procurement Services

With a strong network and good relationships with qualified local and global suppliers, we continuously offer out client high-quality materials that are cost-efficient and are able to be procured within a reasonable supply lead time.


Sourcing materials according to client requirements


Handling supplier negotiations regarding MOQ, price and payment terms


Approved sources


Material planning and inventory management


Procurement and advance payment for our clients

Warehouse & Distribution Services

We provide a comprehensive infrastructure for storing and managing raw materials, packaging materials, WIP, semi-finished products, and finished products. Our infrastructure is well-equipped with appropriate storage conditions such as temperature, lighting and humidity control for each product. This also includes an established tracking identity for goods, assured quantity, and a locating system in warehouses.

Inventory Tracking

• Raw and packaging materials

• Works in process
• Semi-finished goods
• Finished goods


Comprehensive Reporting

• Delivered/Undelivered items
• Material status
• Delivery performance
• Yields rates and quality

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• Scheduling delivery of finished goods
• Distributing finished goods to both local and worldwide markets
• Taking care of local authority’s licenses, permissions and custom formalities

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