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“Drug Labeling/Documentation” is Important!!!

images OLIC June 01, 2021

When taking medicine, many people tend to ignore the label/instructions.  Many people buy or take the medicine just because of the appealing advertisement, word of mouth, or as proposed by the seller. Some people may only be interested in knowing just the name of the drug, or its indications or medicinal benefits. In fact, there is a lot of useful and necessary information to know…

Name of the Medicine

There are trade names (which is the name given by the manufacturer of the drug itself), and the name of the original drug or the main active ingredient. The same drug may have multiple manufacturers, so there are several trade names or brands. Therefore, you should note the formula or original name of the drug in order to avoid multiple use of the drug. This is dangerous as it can lead to an overdose.


Expiry Dates

Manufacturers indicate the manufacturing and expiry date on the label, blister or instructions to avoid the danger of drug depletion. Taking the drug after the end of its life means that its treatment properties are not as effective as it used to be. It may also cause harm to health or life. Thus, to be more vigilant in this matter, always have a look at (read) the label, box or bottle of the medicine. The drug's expiry date is listed as “end-of-life” followed by the date-month-year of the final day of use. Written in English, it is Exp or Exd, or Expiry Date, Use By xx/xx/xxxx or Use Before xx/xx/xxxx. For food products, you may see BB or BBE, or Best Before/Best Before End.

Prohibitions and Precautions

It is important to read the label and be cautious of taking certain drugs, such as medicines that may have an effect on patients with kidney disease, or those not suitable for pregnant women. Consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking the drug. 

Registration Number

The registration number certifies that the drug has been approved for distribution by the Food and Drug Administration.

Dangerous Drugs or Special Controlled Drugs

The danger level of the drug and its seriousness in terms of use control is another point that you must look for. In principle, dispensing medicine should be handled by a physician or pharmacist.

Name and Address of Manufacturer

The name and address of the manufacturer is shown on the label. This is for the purpose of knowing the source of the drug, both manufactured domestically and imported from abroad. You may see that the medicine is an imitation of a generic drug or a new recipe. In case of deficiency or any investigation needed, you can contact the manufacturer by providing the production batch to speed up the inspection process.

“Drug Labeling/Drug Documentation” is an important source of useful and safe drug information for drug users. Therefore, to prevent unexpected consequences, you should always read the label or document before taking the drug.

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